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5 features in Windows 10 you’ll love.

Jul 30, 2015 | productivity, tech

OK ‘love’ is a strong word.

So it’s here and only a day old. I must be getting reckless in my old age or I wouldn’t be doing things like installing a new OS on all my devices before the bugs have been sorted out.

So what’s new in Windows 10? What happened to Windows 9? Did Jon Snow survive the last Game of Thrones series? So many questions, but I’ll only be answering the first.

1. The dashboard has gone

Well not quite. They simply crammed it into the start bar and made it something of a challenge to find the apps I used to have on my Windows 8.1 start screen. I’m probably one of the few people who actually liked Windows 8 and the way the interface was the same as my phone and tablet.

2. The Start menu is back

So does that mean it’s not new? Well there’s a lot that’s changed alright. I mentioned the tiles being crammed into the Start menu but the clever bit is when you click on the ‘all apps’ button to reveal the list of everything installed on your machine. OK that’ s a lot of scrolling but if you click on a letter above the list of apps, it gives you an index to click on and jump to the group of apps beginning with that letter. Nifty eh?

3. Cool new lock screen

Well that’s the only way Microsoft ever got anyone to upgrade.

4. The search bar actually works

If you can’t be asked to use the Start menu, the search box in the taskbar searches your computer and the web (assuming you’re connected) so you can get hold of files, programs or cute internet kittens in a few keystrokes. It also comes with Cortana, so you can have an annoying Clippit 2.0 wanting to know everything about you so it can help you type that letter or remind you to pick up the kids from the childminder just when you were beginning to enjoy the peace and quiet.

5. Task View lets you switch easily between programs

I’m guessing this was inspired by Apple but I’ll let them argue that one out between themselves. Clicking on the Task View icon or will ‘zoom out’ your desktop so you can see all the programs running and simply click on the one you want to switch to. If that scares you, there’s still Alt+tab which displays the running programs pretty much as they always have.

Any downsides?

Getting through a trouble free installation might be a challenge for some, especially if like me you haven’t had a decent clearout in a while. You might find that annoying things happen, like the start button not working.

Windows 10 also behaves pretty much like a phone with annoying alerts every time the machine does something like sync a file to the cloud. It feels like it’s back to the fun times of Windows 98 with the little annoying pings. Though granted, in this case, they are in stereo. I wouldn’t mind it so much if it didn’t keep interrupting my Spotify playlists.

This being a new release, there’s bound to be more to add as I find new and irritating things to share with you.