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You’ve heard the saying before but where I come from, that’s where it stays. I kind of get the impression that sometimes charity is a dirty word. Oh by all means if you disagree with anything here, please say your piece.

Comment is free.

So where’s this all coming from? My cousin (I have many) sent me a whatsapp starting with the phrase “I don’t usually do things like this…” in which it became clear that a member of our family needed an urgent medical procedure to save her sight. I don’t know who else was included in the broadcast but we were able to raise a good chunk of the money we needed in no time.

These things are like buses though, they come in twos and threes. I got news of another family member who also needed to undergo an operation which could have lasting life changing effects on her. By this time the well had truly run dry.

Time to get creative methinks.

You know that bible verse,  the one that goes “Silver and gold I have none…”? Well that’s where I’m at so I thought if I can’t cough up the dosh, I could do something else to raise what’s needed for both of these girls. Yes, they may be young ladies but I’m old enough to call them that.

Apparently holding up a bank is still considered bad form so I’ve decided to embark on a sponsored walk from London (my endz) to Brighton this September. I had thought of various things and remembered my “slapping” days back in Lagos. To the uninitiated, the term is used for trekking probably because of the sound your flip flops make on the road.

The odds are kinda stacked against me;  I’m a lot heavier and creakier since my walking days in naija and the longest distance I’ve walked, Ijebu-ode to Ijebu-mushin, is a fifth of the distance from my crib to Brighton. My other, Ikoyi to Gbagada trek, doesn’t even come close.

Anyhoo I’ll be getting in some practice today thanks to the tube strike and I’m going to start prepping this weekend with regular walks.

In the mean time please visit my justgiving page and give. I only have 30 days to reach my target or it’s all for nothing.

One other thing, I believe giving is an act of love and compassion that should be paid forward. If you show someone love and compassion, they show the next person the same and so on. It’s the only way we’re ever going to make this world a better place for the next lot.

OK I’m off to browse hiking boots.