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Le commute

The more you do something the easier it gets I’m told. Well that’s the story I’m sticking with anyway. I’ve taken to getting off at London Bridge and walking to Millbank where I work just to get some mileage on my trainers.

Coffee chocolate - best combo ever!

Coffee chocolate – best combo ever!

It’s an interesting walk with the added advantage of starting at Borough Market where I can get a coffee chocolate (Rabot 1745 don’t call it mocha) and listen to the sounds of a marketplace waking from its slumber.

Ooh get me! Getting all poetic and lah dee dah! Well that’s what happens when you walk past so much culture in the space of one hour. Borough Market has its artisan bakers, coffee shops, organic produce and cheeses. There’s Vinopolis and an excellent steak restaurant called Black & Blue if you’re feeling flush. Bearded hipsters who wished they work in Shoreditch but had to settle for SE1, ride their folding bikes or scooters, avoiding the morning joggers where they can. At this time of the morning, Bankside is almost tourist-free.

Shakespeare’s Globe is the next stop on this morning culture crawl, though this incarnation doesn’t sit on the same site as the original. You have to go about two streets back to find the site which is now apartment blocks, but hey, who cares.


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Then you’ve got the National Theatre and here I make a mental note to see if I can get tickets to see Ejiofor in Everyman – I’m a fan of everything he does even if Half of a Yellow Sun didn’t quite reach the depth the book required. We can always blame censorship and a nervous Nigerian government for that. Tate Modern follows and rush hour has begun across the ‘wobbly bridge’. Southbank is getting dressed for its Summer of Love festival complete with a bright pink Snog bus. That’s Snog as in frozen yoghurt not as in er, well, snog.

Under Waterloo Bridge devoid of skateboarders street performers, naff or otherwise, past the shadow of the London Eye (ah here’s where all the tourists are) and then across Westminster Bridge. There are more an more Chinese couples doing their bridal shoots on the bridge now. Not sure if they flew all the way over here for the pictures or if they actually held the ceremony here.

Past the crush of tourists outside the palace of Westminster, all trying to take selfies or pictures of them holding Big Ben between their thumb and forefinger, and then ten minutes later I make it to work.

At my desk, Ctrl+Alt+Del and it’s time to break the back of the week. That wasn’t so bad afterall, I think I might do it again tomorrow, just hope the weather’s better.