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You wouldn’t have thought soup recipes would be appetising at any other time than winter but the moment I opened up Soup Can Make You Thin – The Cookbook, I had a sudden urge to go out and buy a new pot.

I put it down to the well thought out presentation of the soup recipes; full page photographs of soups that seem to say “This is not just tomato soup, this is a Spanish vine tomato infused soup” in the style of M&S’s famous ads, clear layout of ingredients and method, in the traditional cookbook style which doesn’t try to get to clever and makes this book easy to follow.

Fiona Kirk and Jean Barr’s follow up to the Soup Can Make You Thin diet book doesn’t make you feel like you are following a trend but that you have a really useful book in your hands as a commuter who can’t be asked to buy an overpriced and overcooked soup for lunch (there are worse forms of punishment), or a busy parent looking for a magic potion to get the kids to sleep without force-feeding them Horlicks.

I like the upfront information about equipment, methods and ingredients which makes it easy to make an informed choice as to whether you will ever get round to cooking some of the recipes based on the methods used or whether Morrissons stock half of those items (I doubt Waitrose customers will have a problem with availability). The ingredients index at the back is another useful aid as well as the colour coding used for the different chapters. My inner design nerd likes the use of the narrow sans-serif font (Univers condensed?) for the chapter headings and sub-headings, but my other inner accessibility nerd takes exception to the use of the same font as the main body text – there are easier fonts to read at that size.

OK back to the food.

Some recipes like “Pea, Mint and Lettuce soup” scream “healthy!” if that’s your thing, but I was drawn to “Adzuki Bean soup” and “Lamb and Bean soup” which were featured in the Super Skinny section but didn’t make you feel like you’re losing out on anything. There are 50 recipes to choose from so you’re bound to find something to suit.

In amongst the recipes you’ll find some healthy and interesting facts about soup and a 10 day flab-fighting diet which gives tips on what foods to avoid, how to make use of the recipes in the book and a common sense approach to eating habits. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have felt I was getting into a diet fad of any sort, but a lifestyle change aid (if that makes any sense.

I’m off to get a new pot and some chopping boards. Green for vegetables, red for meat right?

Soup Can Make You Thin – The Cookbook is available on for £12.99.

Soup can make you thin