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Random updates

EE recall the power bar

Just got a text this afternoon that those really handy power bars are facing a recall. If you have one marked E1-06 on the side, you have to take it back to an EE store. Downside is you don’t get a replacement straight away; it’s a case of...

Save the date

I’ll be embarking on ‘le walk’ on Saturday the 26th September, 2015 and hoping it won’t be too cold by then. If you want to add your pledge to my cause please visit my Justgiving...

Le commute

The more you do something the easier it gets I’m told. Well that’s the story I’m sticking with anyway. I’ve taken to getting off at London Bridge and walking to Millbank where I work just to get some mileage on my trainers. It’s an interesting walk with the...

Causes and effects

I guess it’s natural not to want to deal with the unpleasantness of the cause as long as the entertainment is distracting enough but which is more important?

Training day

  My plan for Saturday was to walk 5 miles in any direction from Greenwich, while the kids were watching Minions with their Aunt but it didn’t quite work that way, so instead the missus and I took the boat to Tate Modern to look at weird stuff hanging on...

Charity begins at home

My cousin (I have many) sent me a whatsapp starting with the phrase “I don’t usually do things like this…” in which it became clear that a member of our family needed an urgent medical procedure to save her sight.