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My plan for Saturday was to walk 5 miles in any direction from Greenwich, while the kids were watching Minions with their Aunt but it didn’t quite work that way, so instead the missus and I took the boat to Tate Modern to look at weird stuff hanging on walls. Modern Art they call it.

I was able to get a practice session in later on in the day by walking the Thames Path from Thamesmead to the Woolwich Ferry. Unfortunately my phone was dead by then so I couldn’t post pictures of the lovely riverside scenery or record my steps. That would have smashed my existing record on the Samsung S6. At least it’s good for some things even if the reception is rubbish.

Interestingly enough you can walk 100 miles along the Thames path so maybe I won’t have to leave London to complete le¬†walk.

Doesn’t sound as sexy as a London to Brighton trek though does it.

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